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Guinness Pro14 teams fixtures and results for the first 21 rounds

Guinness Pro14 teams fixtures and results for the first 21 rounds,

2018 results are shown after the 2019 fixtures

* Dates for the knockout stage are to be confirmed. The final will be held at Cardiff City Stadium on the weekend of 19-21 June. 


27th SEP18:05 Toyota Cheetahs 48 – 14 Glasgow Warriors
27SEP 19:35 Ulster Rugby
38 – 14 Ospreys
28SEP 15:00 Munster Rugby
39 – 9 Dragons
28SEP 15:00
Isuzu Southern Kings
27 – 31 Cardiff Blues
Scarlets 8 – 10 Connacht Rugby
28SEP 17:15 Benetton Rugby 27 – 32 Leinster Rugby
28SEP 19:35 Edinburgh Rugby 50 – 15 Zebre
Round 2
04OCT 19:35 Glasgow Warriors 21 – 25
04OCT 19:35 Leinster Rugby 53 – 5
05OCT 15:00 Isuzu Southern Kings 20 – 31 Munster Rugby
05OCT 17:15 Cardiff Blues 11 – 19 Edinburgh Rugby
05OCT 17:00 Zebre 28 – 52
05OCT 17:15 63 – 26
Ulster Rugby
05OCT 19:35 Connacht Rugby 41 – 5 Benetton Rugby
 Round 3
11OCT 19:15 40 – 16
Munster Rugby
11OCT 19:35 Dragons 14 -38
Connacht Rugby
11OCT 19:35 Leinster Rugby 40 – 14
Edinburgh Rugby
12OCT 15:00 Scarlets 54 – 10
12OCT 15:00 Isuzu Southern KingS 17 – 42
Ulster Rugby
12OCT 19:35 Glasgow Warriors 17 – 13
Cardiff Blues
12OCT 19:35 Ospreys 24 – 20
Benetton Rugby
Round 4
25OCT 19:35 Munster Rugby 28-12 Ospreys
25OCT 19:35 Ulster Rugby 23-14 Cardiff Blues
26OCT 15:00


18  – 5 Glasgow Warriors
26OCT 15:00 Benetton Rugby 36- 30
Isuzu Southern KingS
26OCT 15:00 Connacht Rugby 24 – 22

Toyota Cheetahs

26OCT 17:15 Zebre 0 – 3
Leinster Rugby
26OCT 19:35 Edinburgh Rugby 46 – 7
Round 5
01NOV 19:35 Glasgow Warriors 50 – 0
Isuzu Southern KingS
01NOV 19:35 Leinster Rugby 50 – 15


01NOV 19:35 Ulster Rugby 22 – 7


02NOV 15:00


17 – 13

Toyota Cheetahs

02NOV 17:15 Ospreys 10 – 20
Connacht Rugby
02NOV 17:15 Benetton Rugby 18 – 16 Edinburgh Rugby
02NOV 19:35 Cardiff Blues 23 – 33
Munster Rugby
Round 6
08NOV 19:35 Connacht Rugby 11 – 42
Leinster Rugby
08NOV 19:35 Edinburgh Rugby 20 – 7
09NOV 15:00 Ospreys 14 – 16
Isuzu Southern King
09NOV 15:00


7 – 31 Glasgow Warriors
09NOV 17:15 Cardiff Blues 30 – 17
Toyota Cheetahs
09NOV 17:15 Ulster Rugby 22 – 16
Munster Rugby
09NOV 19:35 Scarlets 20 – 17
Benetton Rugby
Round 7
29NOV 19:35 Munster Rugby 16 – 18
Edinburgh Rugby
29NOV 19:35 Ulster Rugby 29 – 5
30NOV 15:00 Benetton Rugby 28 – 31
     Cardiff Blues
30NOV  17:15 Connacht Rugby 24 – 18
Isuzu Southern King
30NOV  17:15 Dragons 12 – 39
30NOV  19:15 Glasgow Warriors 21 – 12
Leinster Rugby
30NOV  19:15 Ospreys 13 – 18
Toyota Cheetahs
Round 8
20DEC  19:15 Leinster Rugby RDS Arena Ulster Rugby
21DEC  15:00 Zebre Stadio

Sergio Lanfranchi

Benetton Rugby
21DEC  17:15 Connacht Rugby Sports


Munster Rugby
21DEC  17:15 Dragons Rodney Parade Scarlets
21DEC  17:45 Glasgow Warriors Scotstoun Stadium Edinburgh Rugby
21DEC  19:35 Ospreys Liberty Stadium Cardiff Blues
Round  9
26DEC  15:00 Cardiff Blues Cardiff Arms Park Dragons
26DEC  17:15 Scarlets Parc y Scarlets Ospreys
27DEC  19:35 Ulster Rugby Kingspan Stadium Connacht Rugby
28DEC  13:00 Benetton Rugby Stadio Monigo Zebre
28DEC  15:00 Edinburgh Rugby BT Murrayfield Glasgow Warriors
28DEC  18:00 Munster Rugby Irish Independent Park Leinster Rugby
Round 10
03JAN  19:35 Cardiff Blues Cardiff Arms Park Scarlets
03JAN  19:35 Ulster Rugby Kingspan Stadium Munster Rugby
04JAN  13:00 Dragons Rodney Parade Ospreys
04JAN  15:00 Zebre Stadio Sergio Lanfranchi Toyota Cheetahs
04JAN  17:30 Leinster Rugby RDS Arena Connacht Rugby
04JAN  17:30 Edinburgh Rugby BT Murrayfield Isuzu Southern King
25JAN  TBC Isuzu Southern King Nelson Mandela Bay

Toyota Cheetahs


Toyota Cheetahs

Toyota Stadium Isuzu Southern King
14FEB 19:35 Glasgow Warriors Scotstoun Stadium Zebre
14FEB 19:35 Munster Rugby Irish Independent Park Isuzu Southern King
15FEB 14:30 Leinster Rugby RDS Arena
15FEB 15:00 Scarlets Parc y Scarlets Edinburgh Rugby
15FEB 17:15 Ospreys Liberty Stadium Ulster Rugby
15FEB 19:35 Connacht Rugby Sportsground Cardiff Blues
15FEB 19:35 Dragons Rodney Parade Benetton Rugby
Round 12
21FEB 19:35 Edinburgh Rugby BT Murrayfield Connacht Rugby
21FEB 19:35 Ospreys Liberty Stadium Leinster Rugby
21FEB 20:35 Zebre Stadio Sergio Lanfranchi Munster Rugby
22FEB 19:35 Glasgow Warriors Scotstoun Stadium Dragons
22FEB 19:35 Ulster Rugby Kingspan Stadium

Toyota Cheetahs

23FEB 17:15 Cardiff Blues Cardiff Arms Park Benetton Rugby
23FEB 17:15 Scarlets Parc y Scarlets Isuzu Southern King
Round 13
28FEB 19:35 Edinburgh Rugby BT Murrayfield Cardiff Blues
28FEB 19:35 Leinster Rugby RDS Arena Glasgow Warriors
29FEB 14:00 Zebre Stadio Sergio Lanfranchi Ospreys
29FEB 16:00 Benetton Rugby Stadio Monigo Ulster Rugby
29FEB 17:00 Munster Rugby Irish Independent Park Scarlets
29FEB 17:15 Dragons Rodney Parade

Toyota Cheetahs

01MAR 15:00 Isuzu Southern King Nelson Mandela Bay Connacht Rugby
Round 14
20MAR 17:35 Connacht Rugby Sportsground Scarlets
20MAR 17:35 Ulster Rugby Kingspan Stadium Dragons
21MAR 15:00 Cardiff Blues Cardiff Arms Park Zebre
21MAR 15:00 Isuzu Southern King Nelson Mandela Bay Edinburgh Rugby
21MAR 17:00

Toyota Cheetahs

Toyota Stadium Leinster Rugby
21MAR 17:15 Ospreys Liberty Stadium Glasgow Warriors
21MAR 18:15 Benetton Rugby Stadio Monigo     Ulster Rugby
Round 15
27MAR 19:15 Isuzu Southern King Nelson Mandela Bay Leinster Rugby
27MAR 19:35 Glasgow Warriors Scotstoun Stadium Ulster Rugby
27MAR 19:35 Munster Rugby Irish Independent Park Benetton Rugby
28MAR 15:00 Scarlets Parc y Scarlets Dragons
28MAR 17:00

Toyota Cheetahs

Toyota Stadium Edinburgh Rugby
28MAR 17:15 Cardiff Blues Cardiff Arms Park Ospreys
28MAR 18:15 Zebre Stadio Sergio Lanfranchi Connacht Rugby
10APR 19:35 Connacht Rugby Sportsground Glasgow Warriors
19:35 Edinburgh Rugby BT Murrayfield Benetton Rugby
11APR 15:00 Munster Rugby Irish Independent Park Cardiff Blues
11APR 16:00 Isuzu Southern King Nelson Mandela Bay Scarlets
11APR 17:15 Leinster Rugby RDS Arena Zebre
11APR 18:15

Toyota Cheetahs

Toyota Stadium Ospreys
11APR 19:35 Dragons Rodney Parade Ulster Rugby
Round 17
17APR 19:35 Glasgow Warriors Scotstoun Stadium

Toyota Cheetahs

17APR 20:05 Benetton Rugby Stadio Monigo Connacht Rugby
18APR 15:00 Ospreys Payanini Rugby Center Dragons
18APR 15:00 Zebre Stadio Sergio Lanfranchi Isuzu Southern King
18APR 16:15 Scarlets Payanini Rugby Center Cardiff Blues
18APR 17:30 Leinster Rugby Aviva Stadium Munster Rugby
18APR 19:45 Ulster Rugby Kingspan Stadium Edinburgh Rugby
Round 18
24APR 18:05 Benetton Rugby Stadio Monigo Scarlets
24APR 19:35 Dragons Rodney Parade Leinster Rugby
24APR 19:35 Edinburgh Rugby BT Murrayfield Ospreys
25APR 15:00

Toyota Cheetahs

Toyota Stadium Zebre
25APR 17:15 Munster Rugby Irish Independent Park Glasgow Warriors
25APR 19:35 Cardiff Blues Cardiff Arms Park Isuzu Southern King
25APR 19:35 Connacht Rugby Sportsground Ulster Rugby
Round 19
08MAY 19:35 Cardiff Blues Cardiff Arms Park
08MAY 19:35 Ulster Rugby Kingspan Stadium Glasgow Warriors
09MAY 13:00

Toyota Cheetahs

Toyota Stadium Dragons
09MAY 15:00 Isuzu Southern King Nelson Mandela Bay Benetton Rugby
09MAY 16:15 Ospreys Payanini Rugby Center Zebre
09MAY 17:30 Edinburgh Rugby BT Murrayfield Munster Rugby
09MAY 19:45 Scarlets Parc y Scarlets Leinster Rugby
Round 20
15MAY 19:35 Glasgow Warriors Scotstoun Stadium Ospreys
15MAY 19:35 Leinster Rugby RDS Arena Cardiff Blues
16MAY 15:00 Isuzu Southern King Nelson Mandela Bay Dragons
16MAY 17:15 Scarlets Parc y Scarlets Munster Rugby
16MAY 17:15

Toyota Cheetahs

Toyota Stadium Benetton Rugby
16MAY 17:35 Connacht Rugby Sportsground Edinburgh Rugby
Round 21
29MAY Benetton Rugby Stadio Monigo Zebre
29MAY Dragons Rodney Parade Cardiff Blues
29MAY Edinburgh Rugby BT Murrayfield Glasgow Warriors
29MAY Isuzu Southern King Nelson Mandela Bay

Toyota Cheetahs

29MAY Munster Rugby Thomond Park Connacht Rugby
29MAY Ospreys Liberty Stadium Scarlets
29MAY Ulster Rugby Kingspan Stadium Leinster Rugby


* Dates for the knockout stage are to be confirmed. The final will be held at Cardiff City Stadium on the weekend of 19-21 June.


Guinness Pro14 Results 2018-19

Round 1

Fri 31 Aug Cardiff Blues 32-33 Leinster

Fri 31 Aug Ospreys 17-13 Edinburgh

Fri 31 Aug Zebre 32-16 Southern Kings

Sat 1 Sep Connacht 26-27 Glasgow

Sat 1 Sep Munster 38-0 Cheetahs

Sat 1 Sep Ulster 15-13 Scarlets

Sat 1 Sep Dragons 17-21 Benetton

Round 2

Fri 7 Sep Glasgow 25-10 Munster

Fri 7 Sep Ulster 30-29 Edinburgh

Sat 8 Sep Dragons 27-22 Southern Kings

Sat 8 Sep Connacht 32-13 Zebre

Sat 8 Sep Ospreys 46-14 Cheetahs

Sat 8 Sep Scarlets 23-21 Leinster

Sat 8 Sep Benetton 27-25 Cardiff Blues

Round 3

Fri 14 Sep Edinburgh 17-10 Connacht

Fri 14 Sep Munster 49-13 Ospreys

Sat 15 Sep Leinster 52-10 Dragons

Sat 15 Sep Scarlets 38-29 Benetton

Sat 15 Sep Cheetahs 24-52 Glasgow

Sat 15 Sep Zebre 26-24 Cardiff Blues

Sun 16 Sep Southern Kings 7-28 Ulster

Round 4

Fri 21 Sep Cheetahs 39-39 Ulster

Fri 21 Sep Cardiff Blues 37-13 Munster

Sat 22 Sep Southern Kings 38-28 Glasgow

Sat 22 Sep Connacht 33-20 Scarlets

Sat 22 Sep Dragons 16-5 Zebre

Sat 22 Sep Leinster 31-7 Edinburgh

Sat 22 Sep Ospreys 27-10 Benetton

Round 5

Fri 28 Sep Cardiff Blues 24-21 Cheetahs

Fri 28 Sep Edinburgh 31-30 Benetton

Sat 29 Sep Zebre 8-22 Ospreys

Sat 29 Sep Connacht 3-20 Leinster

Sat 29 Sep Scarlets 54-14 Southern Kings

Sat 29 Sep Glasgow 29-13 Dragons

Sat 29 Sep Munster 64-7 Ulster

Round 6

Fri 5 Oct Edinburgh 37-21 Cheetahs

Fri 5 Oct Glasgow 36-8 Zebre

Fri 5 Oct Ulster 15-22 Connacht

Sat 6 Oct Scarlets 20-17 Ospreys

Sat 6 Oct Dragons 15-23 Cardiff Blues

Sat 6 Oct Leinster 30-22 Munster

Sat 6 Oct Benetton 28-5 Southern Kings

Round 7

Fri 26 Oct Southern Kings 34-41 Scarlets

Fri 26 Oct Zebre 34-16 Edinburgh

Fri 26 Oct Ulster 36-18 Dragons

Fri 26 Oct Ospreys 22-17 Connacht

Sat 27 Oct Benetton 3-31 Leinster

Sat 27 Oct Munster 25-24 Glasgow

Sat 27 Oct Cheetahs 21-10 Cardiff Blues

Round 8

Fri 2 Nov Edinburgh 31-21 Scarlets

Fri 2 Nov Ospreys 20-29 Glasgow

Sat 3 Nov Benetton 10-15 Ulster

Sat 3 Nov Connacht 33-12 Dragons

Sun 4 Nov Southern Kings 31-38 Leinster

Sun 4 Nov Cardiff Blues 37-0 Zebre

Sun 4 Nov Cheetahs 26-30 Munster

Round 9

Fri 23 Nov Glasgow 40-15 Cardiff Blues

Fri 23 Nov Leinster 52-7 Ospreys

Fri 23 Nov Scarlets 29-12 Ulster

Sat 24 Nov Cheetahs 31-25 Benetton

Sun 25 Nov Southern Kings 14-31 Connacht

Sun 25 Nov Zebre 7-32 Munster

Sun 25 Nov Dragons 18-12 Edinburgh

Round 10

Fri 30 Nov Munster 44-14 Edinburgh

Fri 30 Nov Ospreys 43-0 Zebre

Sat 1 Dec Cheetahs 17-21 Connacht

Sat 1 Dec Ulster 16-12 Cardiff Blues

Sat 1 Dec Dragons 10-59 Leinster

Sat 1 Dec Glasgow 29-20 Scarlets

Sat 1 Dec Southern Kings 19-22 Benetton

Round 11

Fri 21 Dec Cardiff Blues 19-16 Dragons

Fri 21 Dec Ulster 19-12 Munster

Sat 22 Dec Ospreys 19-12 Scarlets

Sat 22 Dec Edinburgh 23-7 Glasgow

Sat 22 Dec Leinster 33-29 Connacht

Sun 23 Dec Zebre 8-10 Benetton

Round 12

Fri 28 Dec Connacht 21-12 Ulster

Sat 29 Dec Benetton 28-10 Zebre

Sat 29 Dec Glasgow 8-16 Edinburgh

Sat 29 Dec Munster 26-17 Leinster

Sat 29 Dec Scarlets 5-34 Cardiff Blues

Sun 30 Dec Dragons 23-22 Ospreys

Round 13

Sat 5 Jan Benetton 20-17 Glasgow

Sat 5 Jan Ospreys 20-11 Cardiff Blues

Sat 5 Jan Leinster 40-7 Ulster

Sat 5 Jan Scarlets 22-13 Dragons

Sat 5 Jan Connacht 24-31 Munster

Sat 5 Jan Edinburgh 38-0 Southern Kings

Sun 6 Jan Zebre 12-27 Cheetahs

Round 11

Fri 18 Jan Southern Kings 17-24 Cheetahs

Round 14

Fri 25 Jan Glasgow 9-3 Ospreys

Fri 25 Jan Leinster 22-17 Scarlets

Fri 25 Jan Ulster 17-17 Benetton

Sat 26 Jan Cheetahs 61-28 Zebre

Sat 26 Jan Dragons 7-8 Munster

Sat 26 Jan Southern Kings 25-21 Edinburgh

Sat 26 Jan Cardiff Blues 8-7 Connacht

Round 12

Sat 2 Feb Cheetahs 40-36 Southern Kings

Round 15

Fri 15 Feb Ospreys 0-8 Ulster

Fri 15 Feb Edinburgh 34-17 Dragons

Fri 15 Feb Munster 43-0 Southern Kings

Sat 16 Feb Zebre 24-40 Leinster

Sat 16 Feb Benetton 25-19 Scarlets

Sat 16 Feb Connacht 25-17 Cheetahs

Sat 16 Feb Cardiff Blues 34-38 Glasgow

Round 16

Fri 22 Feb Glasgow 43-17 Connacht

Fri 22 Feb Ospreys 13-19 Munster

Fri 22 Feb Leinster 59-19 Southern Kings

Sat 23 Feb Benetton 57-7 Dragons

Sat 23 Feb Edinburgh 17-19 Cardiff Blues

Sat 23 Feb Ulster 54-7 Zebre

Sun 24 Feb Scarlets 43-21 Cheetahs

Round 17

Fri 1 Mar Leinster 19-7 Cheetahs

Sat 2 Mar Connacht 46-5 Ospreys

Sat 2 Mar Benetton 18-10 Edinburgh

Sat 2 Mar Scarlets 10-6 Munster

Sat 2 Mar Zebre 10-42 Glasgow

Sat 2 Mar Cardiff Blues 26-19 Southern Kings

Sun 3 Mar Dragons 15-28 Ulster

Round 18

Fri 22 Mar Cardiff Blues 41-17 Scarlets

Fri 22 Mar Connacht 29-14 Benetton

Fri 22 Mar Edinburgh 28-11 Leinster

Sat 23 Mar Ospreys 29-20 Dragons

Sat 23 Mar Ulster 33-19 Southern Kings

Sat 23 Mar Glasgow 35-17 Cheetahs

Sat 23 Mar Munster 31-12 Zebre

Round 19

Fri 5 Apr Munster 45-21 Cardiff Blues

Fri 5 Apr Glasgow 30-7 Ulster

Sat 6 Apr Cheetahs 14-31 Ospreys

Sat 6 Apr Zebre 5-6 Connacht

Sat 6 Apr Scarlets 12-20 Edinburgh

Sat 6 Apr Leinster 27-27 Benetton

Sun 7 Apr Southern Kings 18-18 Dragons

Round 20

Fri 12 Apr Benetton 28-37 Munster

Fri 12 Apr Southern Kings 7-43 Ospreys

Fri 12 Apr Edinburgh 7-29 Ulster

Sat 13 Apr Connacht 29-22 Cardiff Blues

Sat 13 Apr Leinster 24-39 Glasgow

Sat 13 Apr Scarlets 42-0 Zebre

Sat 13 Apr Cheetahs 38-13 Dragons

Round 21

Sat 27 Apr Dragons 34-32 Scarlets

Sat 27 Apr Zebre 11-25 Benetton

Sat 27 Apr Cheetahs 61-25 Southern Kings

Sat 27 Apr Cardiff Blues 23-26 Ospreys

Sat 27 Apr Ulster 14-13 Leinster

Sat 27 Apr Glasgow 34-10 Edinburgh

Sat 27 Apr Munster 27-14 Connacht


Sat 4 May Munster 15-13 Benetton

Sat 4 May Ulster 21-13 Connacht


Fri 17 May Glasgow 50-20 Ulster

Sat 18 May Leinster 24-9 Munster

Champions Cup qualifier

Sat 18 May Ospreys 21-10 Scarlets



Connacht beat Cardiff to reach 2019/20 Champions Cup

Connacht 29 Cardiff 22

It was a great night at the Sportsground as Connacht beat Cardiff Blues to secure champions cup rugby for the 2019/20 season.

It was Connacht’s fourth successive Pro 14 win which secured a top-three spot as well as quarter-final place at the Sportsground on Saturday evening last. Conditions were tough for both sides with the wind swirling around.

Caolin Blade got the first try of the game on 11 minutes, with some fancy footwork he got past the last defender to score. Paul Boyle though made the try with some superb work after he broke through the defence and offloaded to Blade. Man of the match Jack Carty kicked the conversion and it was 7-0. Cardiff though would hit back. Owen Lane burst through the Connacht defence with speed to race underneath the posts for a well-taken try. Welsh fly-half Gareth Anscombe kicked the extras as the scores were tied. Gavin Thornbury was next to score for the home side, a driving Connacht maul powered over with Thornbury on the end of it. Carty once again converted the conversion, 14-7 and that was the score at the break.


Carty converted a penalty on the resumption with Connacht now playing into a stiff breeze. That penalty made him top scorer in the PRO 14 for 2019. He then finished off a well-deserved Connacht try on 49 minutes after some superb build-up play Carty got the ball chipped it past Matthew Morgan collected the ball and touched down. He kicked the conversion and it was 24-7. Cardiff kicked a penalty to narrow the gap to 24-10, once again it was Anscombe. Then came some controversy in the game, Cardiff were over the line for a try or so they thought! Seb Harries pounced on a loss ball and he put Jason Harries in space in the corner to touch down. However, the TMO was called into action. The replay showed that Harries had touched the ball down while his other hand touched the sideline. The score was cancelled amid protests from the Cardiff players, but the referee paid no heed to them. Connacht got the bonus point try on 70 minutes then when Matt Healy made the most of some poor defending to touch down in the corner. Cardiff mounted a comeback though with two tries. First, Turnbull crossed the line after a driving maul on 70 minutes.

Anscombe then put Harries over in the corner on 79 minutes to give the visitors at least some hope. However, Connacht managed to turn over the ball in added time and kicked it straight to touch to secure their first quarter-final in four years.

Details of The Lions 2021 Tour of South Africa announced

Credit: www.lionsrugby.com.

The itinerary for the 2021 British & Irish Lions tour to South Africa was announced on Wednesday, with Warren Gatland’s side set to undertake an eight-game tour.

The Lions Tour will span the length and breadth of South Africa, visiting some of the country’s most impressive stadiums culminating in three Test matches against the newly-crowned Rugby World Cup champions, the Springboks.

FNB Stadium in Johannesburg will host the first Test on Saturday 24th July 2021 and with a capacity of approximately 88,000 spectators, a sell-out crowd would be higher than the 84,188 who witnessed the series decider against the Wallabies in Sydney in 2001.

The second Test match follows a week later at the Cape Town Stadium – the first Lions Test in the Mother City since 1997 – before the tourists return to Gauteng for the final Test on Saturday 7th August 2021 at Emirates Airline Park.

The combined capacity for the three Test venues is just below 205,000, which could make the three Tests on the 2021 tour the best-attended since professionalism, potentially surpassing the 192,972 people who attended the three Tests in Australia in 2013.

The eight-game schedule includes six weekend fixtures: three against Vodacom Super Rugby teams the Vodacom Bulls, Cell C Sharks and DHL Stormers, and two midweek fixtures against an invitational side in Port Elizabeth and South Africa ‘A’ in Nelspruit.

The Lions have toured South Africa on 13 previous occasions, with the first Tour taking place in 1891. In that time, the visitors won four Test series, lost eight and drew one. Their overall record against the Springboks is played 46, won 17, lost 23 and drawn six.

Ben Calveley, managing director of the British & Irish Lions, said:

“Lions Tours are a truly unique experience, and we are expecting tens of thousands of supporters to travel to South Africa in 2021 – with this schedule, we’re certain that every one of them will come back with amazing memories.”

Mark Alexander, President of SA Rugby, said of the 2021 tour:

“We are delighted to announce the itinerary in conjunction with the British & Irish Lions, and we will continue progressing our preparations to provide travelling supporters with a once-in-a-lifetime experience.”

British and Irish Lions Tour Schedule

Saturday 3 July: British & Irish Lions v DHL Stormers – Cape Town Stadium, Cape Town.

Wednesday 7 July: British & Irish Lions v SA ‘Invitational’ – Nelson Mandela Bay Stadium, Port Elizabeth.

Saturday 10 July: British & Irish Lions v Cell C Sharks – Jonsson Kings Park, Durban.

Wednesday 14 July: British & Irish Lions v South Africa ‘A’ – Mbombela Stadium, Nelspruit.

Saturday 17 July: British & Irish Lions v Vodacom Bulls – Loftus Versfeld, Pretoria.

Saturday 24 July (first Test): Springboks v British & Irish Lions – FNB Stadium, Johannesburg.

Saturday 31 July (second Test): Springboks v British & Irish Lions – Cape Town Stadium, Cape Town.

Saturday 7 August (third Test): Springboks v British & Irish Lions – Emirates Airline Park, Johannesburg.

Paul Dean steps down as Ireland Rugby Team Manager

Former Ireland international Paul Dean has announced that he has stepped down as Ireland team manager.

Dean worked alongside Joe Schmidt through three Guinness Six Nations Championships, two summer tours, including the historic test series win in Australia, and seven GUINNESS Series fixtures, including a home win over New Zealand.

Paul Dean, who played in the Rugby World Cup in 1987, has dedicated a huge part of his life to the sport, today commented on his time as Ireland Team Manager:

“I have enjoyed working with all the team, management, players and administrators at the IRFU for the past three seasons. The Grand Slam, the victory in Australia and the home win over New Zealand are obvious stand-out moments, but even when things were not going our way it was a privilege to work alongside this great team of people.”

Thomond Park increased to 26,267 capacity for Munster v Saracens

Credit: Rían O'Shea.

Munster Rugby has announced that additional seating will be in place at Thomond Park for Saturday’s Heineken Champions Cup clash between Munster and Saracens.

The stadium capacity will increase to 26,267 for the arrival of the defending champions for the 5.30pm clash, a game which will be live on BT Sport.

The extra seating will be located on the goal-line at both ends of the ground.  Over 23,000 tickets already have already been sold for this weekend’s encounter.

The Limerick venue was sold-out for Munster’s first home Heineken Champions Cup game of the campaign against TOP14 side Racing 92 last month. The official attendance of 25,600 being the highest recorded so far in this season’s competition.

Johann van Graan’s Munster side are tied at the top of their Pool 4 table with Racing 92. Both sides have seven points after two games. Saturday’s visitors, Saracens, lie third on five points, while Welsh region Ospreys prop up the table.

Guinness Pro14 – Round 7 round-up.

Guinness Pro14 round 7
Guinness PRO14, Round 7 review and highlights

Round 7, coming as it did, sandwiched in the middle between four Champions Cup pool games, had a strangely anti-climactic feel to it. It didn’t help that a couple of the provinces fielded much-changed sides as they looked to rest players for key games ahead. 

Munster 16 Edinburgh 18

Johann van Grann’s side had a youthful look to it. Only four of the side were over 25, while 20-year-old Ben Healy was given his debut at out-half. It wasn’t the most auspicious of starts for the youngster as his early handling error gifted Edinburgh a 5m scrum. This led to the game’s opening try as Matt Scott dived over after only 2 minutes. A Jaco van der Walt penalty extended the visitors lead to 10-0 after 20 minutes.

But Healy and Munster were feeling their way into the game and the youngster’s confidence grew when he struck over a penalty on 24minutes. Before the break, Munster were back on level terms. They went through 23 phases before Tommy O’Donnell drove over. The try was confirmed after a TMO review and Healy converted to send in the sides all-square at the interval.

Another Healy penalty two minutes after the restart nudged Munster ahead for the first time in the match. Edinburgh looked for an immediate response, but they were stopped just short. Stuart McInally made a line-break, before feeding Pierre Schoeman. But after a TMO review, the prop was deemed to have been held up. Healy extended the Munster lead to six with another penalty, which was awarded for a high tackle. 

Simon Hickey, who had just been introduced for van Der Walt, reduced the gap to three points with an Edinburgh penalty.  An Eroni Sau try on 63 minutes put the visitors back in front. It came after Blair Kinghorn used a penalty advantage to kick into space in the corner, the bounce favoured the Fijian flyer, who gathered on the spin to grab the match-winning score.

Ulster 29 Scarlets 5

Ulster blitzed the Scarlets in the opening quarter in Ravenhill on Friday night. The game was as good as over before the half-hour mark, by which time Dan McFarland’s side had already grabbed a four-try bonus point.

Summer signing Matt Faddes got the scoring underway with a try after five minutes. Stuart McCloskey improvised with a chip in behind the Scarlets rush defence and Faddes touched the ball down just before the dead-ball line. John Cooney continued his rich vein of scoring form as he squeezed over in the corner on nine minutes.

The third try was thanks to a big effort from the Ulster pack. A powerful maul off a line-out demolished the Scarlets defence. Matthew Rea was on the back of the drive as they pack crashed over for the score. The bonus point was secured a few minutes later. Stuart McCloskey was the creator once again as he made use of an advantage to whip a lofted pass out wide. The ball grazed Steff Evans’ fingers tips before dropping perfectly for the onrushing Robert Baloucoune.

After the blistering start, the scoreboard remained stuck on 24-0 until five minutes from time. Scarlets 19-year-old substitute Jac Morgan showed great strength to bounce off a tackle and touch the ball down in the corner. Ulster were to have the final say however, It was Faddes who was on the end of a 17 phase move to cross in the corner for Ulster’s fifth and his second try.

Connacht 24 Kings 12

Connacht bucked the trend of the weekend by fielding possibly their strongest side for this one. The exception being Irish International Jack Carty, who watched on from the bench as youngster Conor Fitzgerald was once again given the starting berth at out-half. The Home side withstood some early pressure from the visitors before hitting the front on twelve minutes. Bundee Aki celebrated his newly-signed contract with a try from the back of a lineout maul. 

But the Kings hit back quickly and were deservedly level four minutes later. Centre Erich Cronje crashed over from close in. Finlay Bealham restored the Connacht lead with a try from the back of a powerful Connacht maul. The home side extended their lead when Conor Fitzgerald started a move inside his own half that led to Bundee Aki putting John Porch over in the corner to extend the lead 19-7. 

The visitors got back into the game with a score right at the end of the half as the clock ticked into the red. Full-back Scott van Breda crossed untouched out wide after the Kings had stretched the home defence. He failed to convert his own score and at the break it was Connacht 19 Kings 12.

Within two minutes of the restart Connacht had their fourth try. They spread the ball the width of the pitch and Porch did well to gather a high pass from Matt Healy before crossing for his second try of the match. That proved to be the final score of the game. The game became somewhat disjointed thereafter with 17 substitutions between both sides breaking the momentum of the game. Connacht’s focus now shifts to a visit to Kingsholm next Sunday, for the first of their back to back games against Gloucester. The Kings head into their Christmas break now and won’t be back in action until a trip to Edinburgh on the 4th January. 

Glasgow 10 Leinster 23

Leinster once again showed their impressive squad strength. Leo Cullen sent out a whole new starting 15 from the team that had won in Montpellier a week previously and still came away from Scotstoun with a win. They now lead Conference A on 33 points, eight ahead of Ulster in second, twelve ahead of third-place Cheetahs and a whopping eighteen ahead of last season’s beaten finalists Glasgow.

This Glasgow team featured eight players who were involved when the lost last season’s final at Celtic Park. While for Leo Cullen’s men none of the players who started that 18-15 were involved this weekend. However, Ross Byrne, Ed Byrne and Bryan Byrne all featured off the bench in that final.

Glasgow started this game with real intent and were soon ahead. Leinster’s full-back Hugo Keenan was sent to the bin in the third minute and Glasgow quickly made their numerical advantage count. Quick hands in the backs sent Ruaridh Jackson over in the right-hand corner. A Ross Byrne penalty reduce the arrears before Jackson crossed for his second try on 24 minutes. This time he went over in the left-hand corner after Glasgow’s backs had sucked in the Leinster defence and scrum-half Ali Price sent a cut-out pass wide to the full-back. 

However, that was to be the last time the home side troubled the scoreboard. Two Cian Kelleher tries in the space of three minutes put the visitors ahead. On 31 minutes Conor O’Brien fed Kelleher with a neat offload just outside the ’22. The pacy winger did the rest. It was the same result on 34 minutes as this time Hugo Keenan took the ball up from the 22 to the 5m line before popping the ball out to the supporting Kelleher. Ross Byrne impressively converted both and Leinster led 10-17 at the break. Two further penalties added to the margin of Leinster’s victory during a tryless second half. 

Other Results

Treviso 28 Cardiff 31

Dragons 12 Zebre 39

Ospreys 13 Cheetahs 18


Pro 14: Leinster record 23-10 win over Glasgow

Thirteen points from the boot of Ross Byrne were crucial to Leinster's win. Photo credit: Shane Tighe

Leinster extended their superb run in the Pro 14. Leinster record a 23-10 win over Glasgow on Saturday.

In a repeat of last year’s Pro 14 final it was Glasgow that had the better of the opening 25 minutes. Ruaridh Jackson crossed the line twice, but in response Leo Cullen’s charges hit back with two tries from Cian Kelleher and 13 points from Ross Byrne. The win makes it 7 wins from 7 games.

It was a cold evening in Scotstoun Stadium. However, Leinster made a bad start to the game and Hugo Keenan was given a yellow card inside three minutes. Glasgow opted to go to the corner from the penalty and it paid off. They won the line-out and some nice hands seen Peter Horn put Jackson in for his first try. Peter Horne missed the resulting conversion. Ross Byrne opened Leinster’s account with a penalty.

Glasgow extended their lead soon after. Some good player from Sam Johnson who broke a few tackles before he released Jackson to complete his brace. Once again the conversion was missed. Then came a massive 4 minutes for Leinster. Cian Kelleher going over for two tries. His first was after some poor tackling from Glasgow gave him the opportunity to cross the line. The second try came after a nice pass from Keenan. Ross Byrne converted both of those. Leinster ahead 17-10 at the break.

Leinster kept the pressure on Glasgow in the second half. They actually kept the hosts scoreless. They kept the ball in hand and began to frustrate Glasgow. This eventually led to a penalty in the scrum. Ross Byrne obliged to kick the three points. Byrn kicked another penalty minutes later after some good work from Will Connors and Hugo Keenan. Glasgow though did have some chance but Huw Jones’ try was brought after an infringement, while Niko Matawalu slipped with the try line at his mercy. Leinster record a 23-10 win over Glasgow and they left Scotstoun with a deserving win denying the hosts a losing bonus point.

Pro 14: Edinburgh beat Munster 18-16

Edinburgh beat Munster 18-16 in Cork on Friday. It was Munster’s first home defeat in two years. It was tit for tat all throughout the game but a try from Eroni Sau on 62 minutes was the difference.

The opening half was an entertaining affair with Matt Scott getting a try after just a minute of play. However, Tommy O’Donnell made it 10-10. Ben Healy was outstanding for Munster kicking 11 points from the tee. He is certainly one for the future. The try came after varely a minute of play. A five metres scrum was where the attack began, the ball found Matt Scott who reached for the line. The conversion was kicked accurately by Jaco Van Der Walt. He would go on to kick a penalty from around 40 metres to extend the lead. Haly got his first Munster points minute later also from a penalty.

It was Munster’s turn then to hit a purple patch. Tommy O’Donnell burst throw after 23 phases to score a try. Healy converted the extra 2 points. There wasn’t much to separate the sides and in the second half Munster took a lead after a nice penalty from Healy. Some good defending denied Edinburgh an almost certain try. Jack O’Donoghue, Shane Daly and Calvin Nash also impressive in that same for the Munster men. Munster now six ahead, 16-10.

However, the Scottish side responded in empathic fashion. Simon Hickey kicked a penalty to narrow the gap to just three. Then came a moment of brilliance from Blair Kinghorn. He sent a delightful cross field kick to Sau who crossed over. Hickey missed the conversion. Edinburgh beat Munster 18-16 in the end. Furthermore, Munster will be unhappy with the manner of defeat, considering their last defeat came two years ago at the hands of Leinster. Munster who played out a 21-21 draw with Racing 92 last weekend will now have to look for to back to back games in the Champions Cup

Munster remain top of Conference B, while Edinburgh are just two points them.

Pro 14: Connacht 24 Kings 12

Bundee Aki celebrated his new three year deal with a try against the Kings. Photo credit: Shane Tighe

Bundee Aki completed the perfect week as his try led Connacht to a 24-12 win over Kings in their Pro 14 meeting at the Sportsground on Saturday. The Irish centre this week confirmed a three year extension to his contract. 

In an excellent first half Connacht had registered three tries, while the South African based side had two tries. It was 19-12 thanks to tries from Aki, Bealham and Porch. Eric Cronje and Scottie Van Breda got the visitors two tries. 


Aki got his try after 12 minutes. The Kings had the better of those 12 minutes but failed to turn territory into points. The try came after a lineout maul which he joined. Conor Fitzgerald kicked the resulting conversion. However, it was a quick response from the South Africans though. Cronje crossing over the whitewash. Connacht took control then from here. They got two tries in the space of three minutes. Next it was Finlay Bealham going over from yet another maul.However it was The Kings grabbed a try before the break. It was excellent hands from Ungerer and Fortuin which allowed the full back Van Breda to cross over from close range. Therefore it was 19-7 at the break but things were about to get better for Connacht who racked up 4 tries in the 24-12 win.

On the resumption Connacht got a try which put the game to bed. Firstly, Connacht  won a lineout , before it was transferred all the way over to the other side of the field to Matt Healy who passed to Porch cross over the line. There wasn’t much to write home about in the final half an hour as the Kings probably new the game was up for them. Connacht won 24-12 in the end.

The Kings have no games now until the new year. Connacht coach Andy Friend will be looking for his side for further improvement. Moreover, they play Gallagher Premiership side Gloucester in back to back games in the Champions Cup.

Bundee Aki pens new three year deal with Connacht & Ireland.

Bundee Aki celebrated with Ireland team-mate Rob Kearney after Ireland's 18-10 win over New Zealand in Nov'18. Photo credit: Shane Tighe

Bundee Aki has signed a new deal with Connacht that will keep him at the Sportsground until at least the end of the 2022/23 season. The news was jointly released by the IRFU and Connacht Rugby this afternoon. He becomes the first Connacht player to be signed to a central contract.

Commenting on his new deal, Bundee stated “I am grateful for the opportunity I have been given to represent both Connacht and Ireland and am delighted to extend my IRFU contract. The whole of Connacht have been incredibly supportive of both me and my family and the Ireland supporters have been fantastic from the very first day I was selected for the national squad. Connacht has become home to me and my family and I want to play my part in helping Connacht achieve their ambitious plans in the years to come.”

Connacht career 

The Irish International joined the province from the Hamilton-based super rugby side the Chiefs in 2014. He signed initially on a three-year deal and this was renewed in 2017 when he became eligible to play for Ireland under the residency laws.

He was a pivotal part of the Connacht team that won the Pro12 trophy under Pat Lam in the 2015/16 season. Aki is well on his way to a century of appearances for Connacht. Tomorrow’s game against the Southern Kings is set to be his 93rd cap for the westerners.

The announcement comes after a busy month on the contracts front for Connacht CEO Willie Ruane. Bundee’s new contract follows on from the contract renewals of Kieran Marmion, Tiernan O’Halloran, Sean O’Brien, Tom Farrell and Jarrad Butler earlier this month. The fact that he is now a centrally contracted player should free up funds for further possible signing for Andy Friend’s already stretched squad.

Ruane said “Connacht Rugby is delighted that Bundee has extended his contract to 2023. This is the third time that Bundee has committed to Connacht Rugby which reflects not only his belief in what we are doing but also our commitment in supporting him to achieve for both Connacht and Ireland.”

Bundee tussles with Irish team-mate Rob Kearney when Connacht met Leinster at the Sportsgrounds earlier this month. Photo credit: Shane Tighe
IRFU deal

From an IRFU perspective, the signing is also great news. There had been media speculation about a possible big-money move to France. Aki debuted for Ireland just after his last contract renewal in 2017 and went on to play in all five of Ireland’s games in their 2018 Grand Slam success. He also featured in the November ’18 victory over the All-Black’s at Lansdowne road.

David Nucifora, speaking on behalf of the IRFU said: “Bundee has added significant value to both the Ireland and Connacht environments.  He has performed at a consistently high level, is a leader and has a positive impact on younger players around him with his insight and the professionalism and diligence of his preparation.  We are delighted that he will continue to play a positive role in Irish rugby for years to come.”

Pro 14 Preview: Leinster v Glasgow

Leinster v Glasgow will take on Saturday evening at Scoutoun Stadium. Kick off for the game is at 7.35 and is live on Eir Sport. Let’s take a look at a preview, team news and betting below.


This could be the game of the weekend in my opinion. Leinster are the current champions, while Glasgow were the runners up last season. Stuart Lancaster believes that Glasgow will be hurting and told Leinster Rugby.ie “Obviously on the back of the PRO14 Final, they’ll have plenty of motivation going into (Saturday’s game) and we’ve got the huge motivation to go there and improve on our last away performance where we got beaten fair and square”.

Leinster haven’t lost all season but their is a massive chance for Glasgow here to upset the odds. Glasgow have lost three games this season already so they will need to improve to beat Leo Cullen’s men. Leinster recorded a 33-19 win over Benetton on the opening weekend in the Champions Cup 2 weeks ago, last week they beat Lyon 13-6. Cullen has yet to name his team but I expect plenty of changes from that game last weekend. In comparison, Glasgow recorded a 13-7 win over Sale Shark in their opening fixture. However, they let a half time lead slip last weekend to lose 34-18 to Exeter Chiefs. They will be looking to make amends here with a good performance.

Team News

Leinster: 15. Hugo Keenan (10) 14. Adam Byrne (55) 13. Jimmy O’Brien (12) 12. Conor O’Brien (19) 11. Cian Kelleher (9) 10. Ross Byrne (78) 9. Jamison Gibson-Park (78) 1. Peter Dooley (67) 2. James Tracy (100) 3. Michael Bent (131) 4. Ross Molony (88) Capt’  5. Devin Toner (238) 6. Josh Murphy (27) 7. Will Connors (9) 8. Caelan Doris (22)

Glasgow Warriors: Jackson; Seymour, Jones, Johnson, Matawalu; P Horne, Price; Kebble, Turner, Rae, Swinson, Gray, Harley, Fusaro, Wilson.


The betting for Leinster v Glasgow has both sides priced evenly. Leinster are 10/11 and Glasgow are also 10/11. I think it will be a very close game so may be siding with a try scorer could be the bet. Dave Kearney has scored a couple of tries in recent games and therefore he would be a selection to score the first try.

Pro 14 Preview: Munster v Edinburgh

It’s Munster v Edinburgh in the PRO 14 at Irish Independent Park on Friday with kick off time 7.35pm. It promises to be a cracking game. We will look at a preview of the game as well as betting and team news.


This promises to be a massive game. Munster top the table in conference B, while Edinburgh are 3rd. Both sides have been in European competition for the last two weekend. Edinburgh have been playing in the Challenge Cup and they recorded a 31-10 win over French side Agen and they then drew their second game 16-16 against Bordeaux. Looking at Munster, they overcame the Ospreys in the Heineken Cup 32-13, . Additionally, The Red Army drew with Racing 92 21-21 last weekend.

Team News

According to the Munster website only Jeremy Loughman looks the only really doubt for the game from last weekend’s Champions Cup game. However, I expect Munster will rest a couple of internationals here like Stander, Murray and O’Mahony.

Munster: Shane Daly; Calvin Nash, Sammy Arnold, Dan Goggin, Alex Wootton; Ben Healy, Nick McCarthy; Liam O’Connor, Rhys Marshall, Stephen Archer; Fineen Wycherley, Darren O’Shea; Jack O’Donoghue (C) Tommy O’Donnell, Arno Botha.

Edinburgh have named a very strong side which includes plenty of Scottish internationals. Hamish Watson, Blair Kinghorn and Magnus Bradbury all start.

Edinburgh:  Blair Kinghorn, Eroni Sau, Mark Bennett , Matt Scott,Duhan van der Merwe ,Jaco van der Walt , Henry Pyrgos , Pierre Schoeman, Stuart McInally , Pietro Ceccarelli , Ben Toolis ,Grant Gilchrist , Magnus Bradbury ,Hamish Watson , Viliame Mata


The betting is close enough here with Munster priced at 8/13, while Edinburgh are 7/5. Munster’s home form has been exceptional. On that basis backing Munster -4 at odds 10/11 looks a great bet. Munster v Edinburgh promises to be a cracking game and is live on Eir Sport 1.